From the members area, click Messages --> Send Mail to access the mailer, or alternatively, click the follow link when logged in:

Next you choose your mailing type, either by Date (date leads were delivered to you) or by Traffic Source (ie. if you want to mail leads by the specific Traffic Source they opted in from)

Next you have the option to change the "from" name and email address your leads are sent from.

Next you have the option to select a previously used email to re-send.

Next enter your desired subject line.  You have an 80 character limit to work with

Next enter your email body in either plain-text or html format.

Next select whether or not you would like to use the Perfect Timing feature. (learns your leads best response times and queues mailings based on these times to optimize results)

You are free to personalize your email with users first and last names using these variables:


Next either click the preview button to preview your email before sending, or click send to either send of queue your mailing.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed your first mailing with BMOB :)